Thursday, April 2, 2009

April: Easter 2009

Another family activity, though the girls from Craft Night did this as well- the ever so fun, modge podge eggs. This can be a messy task, but if done right, these can last forever (as long as they aren't broken.)

Poking holes on the top and bottom of the egg, being sure to pierce the yolk inside, makes it possible to blow the entire contents of the egg OUT, thus leaving a delicate shell. These can be dyed, or as we did, modge podged. After clipping shapes and strips out of various colors of tissue paper, modge podge is applied to the shell to create adhesive for the tissue.
Then you can decorate the egg with all the tissue you may
desire, then you carefully paint the egg again in modge podge.

Sometimes this is easier if the midge podge is thinned, like the elmer's glue wash. The tissue is VERY delicate once wet and painting them could tear them. Use a soft brush, and be cautious of the pressure you are applying.

Let them dry and these eggs will be with you for many Easter's.

Thick needle or pin
Tissue paper
Modge Podge (diluted with water)
Soft paint brushes

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