Saturday, May 21, 2011

Summer Craft Night Nominees

4th of July wreath courtesy of First Lady of the House. You can never have too many wreaths, (that should be the motto of "Craft Night") but this one would be strictly Holiday, whether it be Memorial Day, or during the July patriotic days, it is cute, fun and I have a feeling everyone's will look different due to each person's creative abilities...

(Courtesy of spearmint baby)
This is cute whether it be for your own name, your last name, or your kid's name. I love it. It's bright and colorful, which are two things that always make my list. We'd have to buy the frames, which are most likely 10-15 bucks at IKEA. Then all the buttons. You can buy bags of random buttons at craft stores, then she also uses brads, and other miscellaneous do-dad's.

Pear-Raspberry Jam. Oh yumminess. Would make these the REAL way, with pressure cooking and all, or- we could just make freezer jam and put them in plastic containers. It's SO SO good, lasts for SO long (either way, freezer or shelved jars) and it's really easy. Items needed would be raspberries (frozen work fine) and sugar, pectin and jars. Bada-boom. Domestic Goddesses.

If you have more ideas, send them to me and I'll post them here. Then we can decide what our summer craft will be.....

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