Saturday, December 20, 2008

December: Christmas 2008

Christmas Craft was with the family this year. We made these very darling, (very INVOLVED) advent calendars.

Using mini muffin tins, we designed each day with scrapbook paper, stickers, bows, buttons, bells and numbers. Then adhered those 24 calendar days to magnetic sheet. Sticking them on the tin creates a "pocket" inside to hide treats or messages.

This Crafting Day also included out favorite "family treats" from a few individuals. The most memorable, were the pretzel turtles, made with mini pretzels, Rolo's and pecans; then the magical rice puff treats with honey and chocolate. Yum.

Mini-muffin tin
Magnetic sheets (with adhesive on one side)
Scrapbook paper
Circle dye cut (this makes it much easier..)
Decorations (ribbons, buttons, stickers, etc.)

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