Wednesday, October 1, 2008

October: Halloween 2008

This was the night that began our tradition of getting together, to visit, eat and create. We made "Jack-O-Lanterns" with glass ball votives, painted inside with shades of orange and yellow oil paint, then etched outside was a glossy black faces we shaped with masking tape, then sculpted with exacto knives. Also, we decorated artificial white pumpkins with fine Sharpie's, and everyone got VERY creative. Each person's pumpkin was different and it was really fun to see what we all came up with.

Being the beginning of our venture, we didn't have a LOT of people, but we certainly have some of the regulars.

Sara made a very cute swirly pumpkin.

Lot's of spiderweb pumpkins came to be.

Halloween seems to be the holiday that brings forth the most options for crafting I'm not sure what it is, but it seems really easy to come up with Halloween Crafts. They are always welcome.
So are the treats.

Glass Jar, or votive
Orange oil paint
Glossy black paint
Exacto Knife
Masking Tape
Votive candle

tip: oil paint takes a day or two to dry, don't light till set.

Artificial pumpkin (any size)

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