Friday, October 14, 2011

Halloween 2011

For some reason- Halloween seems to be the consistent season of crafting. We had two really fun ideas and both turned out great. One was found on Pinterest, from "Not So Idle Hands," and another Sara found that was quite a pleasant surprise. Lace-covered, spray painted pumpkins.

First was the glow in the dark one, using a pizza pan, multiple paints, and cut out glitter-foam bats, or witches. Many layers of glow in the dark paint were necessary to get it to show up, but with a black light- those babies shine like the real thing. Tonight I'll put the light on it and take a picture, so stay tuned for an update. But here it is in normal daylight:

Super cute, and looks good day or night. Then, we did the pumpkins. I can honestly say I didn't put my best foot forward, but after seeing the result, I wish I had. But still, look how cool:

So go out- get some pumpkins, spray paint, and lace- and go nuts. Send pictures.

Happy Halloween!

(Click on link "Not So Idle Hands" to get info on how to make the first one.)

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