Thursday, February 16, 2012

February 2012: Valentine's

This year we were all individually inspired to do the same thing. So collectively, we worked away to make a bunch of poms then shared our work with each other to form these lovely heart wreaths. Martha Stewart had a great, elaborate and inefficient way of tackling this project, so we simplified it. Instead of hanging 25 individual removable hooks to our wall/door, we adhered the poms to a cut-out from foam core board, so we would have to reassemble our hearts every year.....

Sorry Martha... but, DUH.

Everyone's turned out different, and lovely.


Foam Core Board
Exacto knife/scissors
Lots of tissue paper
Hot Glue

1. Cut out your heart, whatever shape your heart desires
2. Cut out multiple layers of tissue paper into stacks of squares, varied sizes (4x4, 6x6)
3. Accordion the layers (about 6-8 layers) of tissue paper, then wrap a small piece of wire around the middle and start pulling layer by layer to make the poms, this is kind of haphazard. You may also scallop the edges, if you like the look
4. Hot glue the poms onto you heart, the way that pleases you best

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